Endoscopic Sinus surgery

Sinus Surgery is the name specified to operations used for severe or complicated to treat sinus problems. Our Endoscopic Sinus Surgeon In Sadashiv Peth Pune Provide ENT Services with Care and Compassion equivalent to the world standards at affordable prices at Lunavat ENT Clinic in Pune.

Endoscopic sinus surgery is a surgical procedure used to remove blockages in the sinuses. These blockages can cause sinusitis, in which the sinus mucous membranes swell and become blocked, causing pain, drainage and impaired breathing

In the past sinus, procedures were done with an incision in the face but by our Endoscopic Sinus Surgeon In Sadashiv Peth Pune you will get the operation to be performed without having any cuts or incision.

Endoscopic sinus surgery is most commonly performed for inflammatory and infectious sinus disease. The most common indications for sinus surgery are as follows:

*Nasal Disorders: Chronic sinusitis contrary to medical treatment, repeated sinusitis, Nasal polyposis, Antrochoanal polyps, Sinus mucoceles, Excision of picked tumors.

*Intracranial (Brain) Diseases: Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) leak repair, Encephalocele, meningocele.

* Choanal atresia repair.

* Epistaxis control

Typically, it is for patients who have rhinosinusitis, based on a meticulous history and a comprehensive physical examination, including CT scans if relevant, and in whom appropriate medical treatment has failed. visit Lunavt ENT clinic in Pune for best treatment